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Results1.) So are you named after Chewbacca or not?
NO! I have held many names throughout my many lives and all ofthem have meant the same thing. It just so happens, that this time, my earthbound MaMa choose this name. She likes short, fat, hairy things and Chewbacca is tall. And he makes noises like me. I think he was named after me...*snort but chuy is short for jesus and i am very godlike.

2.) Boycott greenies !!!! One dog died when he ate a greenie !! Don't eat them alright, Chewie ?!
thanks! I wonce got real sick after eating a greenie an dmy mama doens't give them to me anymore *snorT*

3.) I'm a notary and if I bring my pug to work with me will she sleep all day ?? So no worries or will she bug me and my clients ? Also, won't people think I'm weird to bring my dog to my office with me ? Would you find it weird ??
*snort* i love to go to work with MaMa, but I bother her way to much. *snort* Right now, she has her office area where I am not allowed, so I sleep outside the door all day. *snort* i think that at first your pug will feel real excited and all *snort* and probably bother you, want to sit onyour lap, investigate clients, but they will get used to it *snort* the pug, not the clients. I tink after a short time, your pug will sleep most of the day if you have a comfy pillow *snort* and its not weird at all. lots of people bring their pets to the office *SchNORT*

4.) my pug is pregnant, are there any special foods i need to feed her? what steps should i take to care for her during her pregnancy?
about the 6th week, increase meals, but only add supplements--calcium with vitamin d--if she is a finicky eater and only if reccomended by vet. Store bought food should have 1600 digestible calories per pound of food and at least 21 percent protein--puppy food has the extra supplements, but not the needed energy builder *snorT* Some people reccommend a cooked egg for breakfast, some cottage cheese for lunch, and some raw chicken or beef for dinner along with the normal food. The important part is to increase food intake (lots of small meals throughout day) around the 6th week by 25-50%....if your pug doesn't want to eat, try moistoning the food. Do not withhold food; increasing the number of feedings per day is helpful in allowing her to eat enough for her needs and those of the puppies. Make sure you have your pug dewormed (the worms will pass through the placenta (this is one of the cruel ways that mini-pugs are created))*snort* Don't let mom be jumping off couches afetr her third week. Around the 7th week, prepare a place for the birth. *snortg* someplace out of the way. A large container lined with towels will work After the pups are norn, the appetitie will increase even more *schnurf* if youa regiving her supllements or special food, continue it, she needs the same and more nutrients you offered during pregnancy Most important, visit your vet *snort* all pugs are different and any number of complications can arise keep me updated *snort*

5.) my pug pepper have blood spoting after the stud.. is it normal?
is pepper a girl pug *snort* that is normal usually, but if it is a male *snort* and it continues, then you should see a vet. *snort* anytime blood is in such an amount to worry you, you should see a vet.

6.) Question I dont know but I think my pug is going to have babies is there anyway that you can tell???
she will gain weight around the 5th week. *snort* Her nipples will also get harder and bigger, sometimes leaking milk in the days before birth. *snort* she will be lazier and she may get morning sickness after a couple weeks *schnurf* A vet can do a test after the fourth week; it is inexpensive and a good idea.

7.) do pugs usually have problems giving birth?my 2 pugs got stuck together 4 times so i'm pretty sure they are gonna have babies but i'm nervous.
It is common for Pugs to require a caesarian section to give birth, so if after an hour after labor starts there are no puppies, Call a vet!!!! Visit a vet now and ask all the questions you have. Visit this page and and study. The best bet is to speak to a vet before the puppies come so you can calm your nerves *snort*

8.)  can pugs get pregnat with one time i have 3 females and my first 2 females were in heat and my male pug just could not get the wright spot and my last female is now in heat and he got her today but is now kinda ignoring her ami doing some thing wrong
some pugs can get pregnant with just one try *snort* my sister had puppies after just one time. *schnurf* Make sure you keep the dogs together as much as possible. They will usually only breed a few times over about three days in the last week of the dog's heat.

9.) Chewie- I fear my 8 month old pug may be pregnant. I read your thing on the 7 month old pug, but the vet here is terribly expensive. :( What signs can I look for?
early detection is only through ultrasound at the vet, which can be pricey. You won't be able to "feel" pups until about 25 days after conception, and even then it is hard for a non-professional to tell. about 30-35 days, it will be obvious. No matter what you do, you won't be albe to confirm a pregnancy until a month has passed. The biggest worry with a pug is that she will need a c-section--common even when the dogs aren't too young. Even if you can't take your dog to the vet now, if she appears to be pregnant after a 6 weeks, contact a vet and try to arrange to have the puppies at the vet. Speak to them about the costs now and see what is the cheapest. Also, try searching local area forums for someone kind to help you. You will get a lot of grief for breeding a pug so young,and people will say mean things, but you might find someone who can steer you towards a cheap vet. Make sure you keep your girl healthy just in case she may be pregnant. good luck and keep me updates *snort*

10.) how long do their bleedings last and when can they mate
about 2.5 to 3 weeks usually *snort* ,\ about every 6 weeks breed only on the third cycle or after (at least) and most fertile around the 12-15th day usually.

11.) how soon after a female pug's colostrum comes in will she give birth
That is usually in the 8th week of pregnancy, so any day now really.

12.) I saw a bumper sticker that said: Don't waste 24 pints of water each time you flush ! Pee in your tub ! What do you think ?
or pee on the rug. or a box. or on some clothes. pee wherever you want. but you'd have to run tub water after to avoid staining the tub and keep the smell away, so maybe the water waste would be more *snort*

13.)  Why do my female dog's nipples leak
Has she been spayed? She could be having her cycle, After heat, even if the pug is not pregnant, she will still go through many of the same motions. If your dog is spayed, perhaps a trip to the vet!

14.) my pug is throwing up yellow vile what should i do
If it is just the first day and your pug is feeling lethargic after vomiting, or vomiting repeatedly....Make sure your pug has lots of water and is kept cool. Let your pug eat when it wants to. If he continues to throw up after 24-48 hours, then a trip to the vet is needed. Usually, the pug just ate something yucky... If it just happens once (sometimes the same time evry day) a day or so, and your pug bounces right back as if nothing happens, he possibly needs a bit more of his regular food to settle the stomach. More food, or more frequent feedings.

15.) Can my pug get pregnant after having puppies 3 weeks ago?
yes it is possible for a female pug to go into heat and get pregnant while still nursig *snort* I don't know how healthy it is for your pug tho

16.) i have a pug and no matter how many times i wash him or brush his teeth he will stink 10 mins after what can i do to stop the smell
sounds like allergies. Change your shampoo. TRy a more all-natural shampoo and conditioner Buddy Wash & Buddy Rinse COnditioner (Also have Buddy Spray for extra scent control)...Try to avoid anything that contains harsh chemicals. Also some former smwlly dog owners swear by dinovite. the idea is to give the dog an overall healthy skin. If it is bad, your vet may also have somerecommendations.

17.) if you shave a pug with the hair grow back
I(t will, but it may be patchy or spotty. And it will never really be as soft and beautiful as it was. But it will grow back after a while!

18.) how often should you feed a pug?
my mama leaves my food out all day *snort* and i eat when i want...i know most pugs can't handle that, gobbling away everything right away....*schnurf* and with the barf (raw) diet, you need a feeding time as well. some people choose to feed their pug three times a day, for the three meals, and others chose to feed twice a day. breakfast and dinner. split the food intake between the meals. my gramma feeds her dogs small "snacks" in the morning and afternoon and a "meal" at night. try to keep meal times the same each day, so there is a routine in place.

19.) My pug barks and jobs on the door after any guest or even family member leave the house. How can I get her to stop and is this common for pug behavor?
I have heard tales of this *snort* your pug s not happy alone. Perhaps it needs a safe space of her own, away from the front door. Whether it be a crate or simply a bed with her toys *snort* make sure she always has enough water and food.

20.) my pug started throwing up. and he threw up some corn and cheese that he ate. after he thre up just a little in the same day. i tried giving him water but he refused. how will i know when he is getting better. hes also crying a bit. what can i do?
go to a vet please! Corn is not a good food to feed a dog, especially not if it was corn on a cob. Anytime a dog is not drinking water, it is probably a good idea to at least call a vet. If he is crying, something is wrong.

21.) what to give the mother pug who just give birth is room temperature water good for her
room tep water should be fine *snort* just make sure fresh water is available at all times. After about 24 hours, hyou pug will be very hungry---puppy food is sometimes suggested *snort* most new moms will eat about two to three times their normal amount of food.

22.) Question Do male pugs calm down after they are altered
Nope! Not really *snort* All pugs tend to be a but crazy until about 3 or so! Neutered or not! but it depends on what you mean by crazy>?

23.) how long after they are born should you wait to hold the puppies

24.) I have two 1 year old pugs, the female was fixed of course they are brother and sister. They are the most awesome family members anyone could ask for. Question, after the Female was fixed she really started to put on the wieght, not excessively just noticable she wieghs the appropriate wieght for her age and exercises regularly, Well as much as there genetics allow them too. The male is my concern, he eats like a pig, does not have worms has all his shots and still looks like he isn't gaining any wieght. No ribs showing or anything just not as filledout as I think he should be. Any suggestions?
He just mighht be a leaner pug *snort* more active. If he isn't fixed then that might contribute as well. As long as he you can't see his ribs then he is probably okay. He will fill out as he gets older and less active.

25.) Question when do pug start heating cycle and next time
after about the 6th or 7th month normally and then about every 6 months after that.

26.) Question...My pug keeps vomiting after eating long does this last?
Why is your pug eating compost? *snort* don't let your pug eat compost! Ever!!!! Rotting food is not good for your dog!

27.) Question my pug dribbles after bannana
i never learned to dribble *snort*

28.) Question: My pug will sometimes vomit yellow bile, especially in the afternoons when I come home from work. Any answers?

29.) Question : how long after a pug gives birth should you wait to breed again?
At least one year.

30.) can my dog go into heat after being spayed

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