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Results1.) my pug is pregnant, are there any special foods i need to feed her? what steps should i take to care for her during her pregnancy?
about the 6th week, increase meals, but only add supplements--calcium with vitamin d--if she is a finicky eater and only if reccomended by vet. Store bought food should have 1600 digestible calories per pound of food and at least 21 percent protein--puppy food has the extra supplements, but not the needed energy builder *snorT* Some people reccommend a cooked egg for breakfast, some cottage cheese for lunch, and some raw chicken or beef for dinner along with the normal food. The important part is to increase food intake (lots of small meals throughout day) around the 6th week by 25-50%....if your pug doesn't want to eat, try moistoning the food. Do not withhold food; increasing the number of feedings per day is helpful in allowing her to eat enough for her needs and those of the puppies. Make sure you have your pug dewormed (the worms will pass through the placenta (this is one of the cruel ways that mini-pugs are created))*snort* Don't let mom be jumping off couches afetr her third week. Around the 7th week, prepare a place for the birth. *snortg* someplace out of the way. A large container lined with towels will work After the pups are norn, the appetitie will increase even more *schnurf* if youa regiving her supllements or special food, continue it, she needs the same and more nutrients you offered during pregnancy Most important, visit your vet *snort* all pugs are different and any number of complications can arise keep me updated *snort*

2.) Question I dont know but I think my pug is going to have babies is there anyway that you can tell???
she will gain weight around the 5th week. *snort* Her nipples will also get harder and bigger, sometimes leaking milk in the days before birth. *snort* she will be lazier and she may get morning sickness after a couple weeks *schnurf* A vet can do a test after the fourth week; it is inexpensive and a good idea.

3.) do pugs usually have problems giving birth?my 2 pugs got stuck together 4 times so i'm pretty sure they are gonna have babies but i'm nervous.
It is common for Pugs to require a caesarian section to give birth, so if after an hour after labor starts there are no puppies, Call a vet!!!! Visit a vet now and ask all the questions you have. Visit this page and and study. The best bet is to speak to a vet before the puppies come so you can calm your nerves *snort*

4.) Question What is the size of a Pug at birth?
about 5-8 oz and about 5-6 inches

5.) Question my pug is 7 mths old and preganant, will she be ok?
That is very young to breed a pug. Please take her to the vet as soon as possible. The vet will do an ulttrasound to check the size of the pups and the birth canal. The vet can also help if any complications arise. Please go to the vet.

6.) How long does it take for a pug to give birth.
depends on the pug*snort*

7.) how big is a pug puppy at birth
TIny *snort* i fit in my mamas hand.

8.) how much do baby pugs weight at birth
about 5 ounces *snort*

9.) how soon after a female pug's colostrum comes in will she give birth
That is usually in the 8th week of pregnancy, so any day now really.

10.) My pug got pregnant during her 2nd heat, do you think she'll be alright? And should the male pug not be around when she delivers?
YOur pug should be fine. *snort* you should create a private space out of the way for your pug to give birth. MAke it a couple weeks early ,s o she get sused to the area. During birth, you should create as much privacy as possible. Keeping the male pug, children, and any other humans and noise to a minimum is the best idea. *snort* your pug will be under stress, and you don'yt want to add to it. *scnurf* the birthing area will be used as a "nest" for the puppies as well. Some people put it in closets. Others behind a chair or in a secluded corner. *snort*

11.) When a pug is having birth, does it have to have all the puppies on the same day, or could she have birth different days?
they should al lbe born on the same day *snort*

12.) Do pugs usally have problems giving birth?
The older or younger they are the more problems. YOung, because they are too small, and old because well, they older dogs have more problems *snort* A trip to the vet should tell you if your dog may need to be at the vet for the birthing.

13.) How many puppies does the average pug give birth to?
anywhere from 3-6 is average.

14.) my pug seems pregant but isnt that big hopw could i know for sure without spending useless money at the vets?
the "repro" or pregnancy test at the vet should only cost about $20-$30 and can be done at 4 weeks....*snort* but y9ou can wait it out as pug should start getting bigger at about 5 weeks. Probably urinating more, and resting more. Her nipples may get ahrd. About 50 days in, shortly before birth, you should be able to feel movement

15.) Why do pugs have curly tails?
all the better to charm you with *schnurf* Or hemivertebrae or "butterfly" vertebrae. This birth defect may be pleasing in the tail but can have serious repercussions when located elsewhere in the spine. The screw-tail is actually an example of a hemivertebrae formation.

16.) how long does it take for a pug to give birth?
about 60 das give or take a couple for pregnancy and a few hours for the birth. It depend on the pug of course! The process could take up to 12 hours in some cases!

17.) what to give the mother pug who just give birth is room temperature water good for her
room tep water should be fine *snort* just make sure fresh water is available at all times. After about 24 hours, hyou pug will be very hungry---puppy food is sometimes suggested *snort* most new moms will eat about two to three times their normal amount of food.

18.) What are signs that a pug is about to give birth?

19.) What are some signs that my pug is about to give birth?

20.) I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. How much longer till I give birth?
You have about 2 weeks! *snort*

21.) Question what are some major sign that a pug is close to giving birth

22.) Thank you very much for your help. I'll tell you when Gabby gives birth!
send pictures

23.) QuestionI need to know more on the birthing part. If she has trouble wht do i do, I am 20 miles form the vet.

24.) QuestionI need to know more on the birthing part. If she has trouble wht do i do, I am 20 miles form the vet. How do i assist in the birth if necessary?

25.) I have a male and a female chihuahua. My female recently gave birth. Since then, my male is refusing all food. He's healthy and active other than eating. I don't know why this is happening to him. He was eating fine before. What can I do to get him to eat more? How can I help my little guy? I'm getting really scared and desperate for some answers. I would also like to ask you if you know of any websites pertaining to this subject. Thank You for your time!

26.) Questionwhat temperature should my dog have when shes ready to give birth

27.) What should I do to help my pug when it gives birth?
Give her a private, warm space in a low-traffic area. You'll want to moniter the birth and assist when needed. A good site is here.

28.) Question : how long after a pug gives birth should you wait to breed again?
At least one year.

29.) Question our pug dog had her first heat at 11 months we are waiting for her second heat which should have been in November some say it can take up to a year to have a second heat. We would like to breed her. She is 20 lbs. and seem to be in good health. When she was a pup the vet told us she had mites but we cleared this up. Will this affect her puppies or her if we breed her, and how hard is it to give birth. We have bred rabbits, guinea pigs, deer, buffalo and llamas, but the dog thing is a whole differant ball game to me.
As long as the mites are cleared up, then it will not effect the pups or the pug! *snort* the birth is not hard, you just need to pay attention in case she needs help. sometimes pugs have difficulty on their own, but if you've attended over other animals, you will be fine.

it depends on the pug. I've seen most dogs give birth at night, but that may just be a fluke.

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