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Results1.)  can pugs get pregnat with one time i have 3 females and my first 2 females were in heat and my male pug just could not get the wright spot and my last female is now in heat and he got her today but is now kinda ignoring her ami doing some thing wrong
some pugs can get pregnant with just one try *snort* my sister had puppies after just one time. *schnurf* Make sure you keep the dogs together as much as possible. They will usually only breed a few times over about three days in the last week of the dog's heat.

2.) My pug got pregnant during her 2nd heat, do you think she'll be alright? And should the male pug not be around when she delivers?
YOur pug should be fine. *snort* you should create a private space out of the way for your pug to give birth. MAke it a couple weeks early ,s o she get sused to the area. During birth, you should create as much privacy as possible. Keeping the male pug, children, and any other humans and noise to a minimum is the best idea. *snort* your pug will be under stress, and you don'yt want to add to it. *scnurf* the birthing area will be used as a "nest" for the puppies as well. Some people put it in closets. Others behind a chair or in a secluded corner. *snort*

3.) my pug is in heat can you find her a stud?
You can post your e-mail address and see if anyone responds *snort*

4.)  Why do my female dog's nipples leak
Has she been spayed? She could be having her cycle, After heat, even if the pug is not pregnant, she will still go through many of the same motions. If your dog is spayed, perhaps a trip to the vet!

5.) my boyfriend has a 7 yr old female pug and I have an 8 month old boy pug. Is it safe or still possible to breed her?
If she is still having regular heats than she is still okay to breed. If she is going into heat less often or they is more time between them, then she is too old. *schnurf* Make sure your pug has a clean bill of health from your vet. If she is healthy and happy, she will probably be okay, although the litter may be small.

6.) Can my pug get pregnant after having puppies 3 weeks ago?
yes it is possible for a female pug to go into heat and get pregnant while still nursig *snort* I don't know how healthy it is for your pug tho

7.) what is the age they start to go into heat
usually about 6-9 months

8.) How often do female pugs come in heat?
about every 6 months

9.) Question Hello, My female pug Mila, had what I believe her first heat cycle, at the start of May, it lasted about 1week and then it stopped, now it is the start of June and she has a bloody butt again. Why is this? Did she have her heat cycle twice or has she been on it he whole time. I would like to know because I also have a male pug, that I need to crate, I don't want babies yet, she is only 8months old. Please advice. Rose
she has probably been on it the whole time...A heat cycle can sometimes last up to one month. Are you sure your male pug didn't get a chance to mate?

10.) how long are female pugs in heat?
about 21 days, but can be as short as 14, and as long as 28

11.) my pug shedds alot can I have her shaved?
If you shave her, don't go BALD. Just have it cut very, very short. HOWEVER, I discourage it *snort* Pug's hair is the only way it can control its temperature. Without hair, your pug can get severe sunburn, heatstroke, and even cancers. Actually hotter. *snort* in the end it is your choice. Part of a pug is its thick, rich coat and the shedding. Shaving dogs that have undercoats (like pugs) may actually ruin the topcoat. With some dogs, the fur will grow back in patches. Most dogs when shaved will grow their coat back, but it won't look as full or nice as it was originally. Instead of shaving, try regularly brushing ((with a shedding brush) your pug. The FURminator is great! And try finding a groomer that offers the FURminator service.

12.) my female is in heat, her nipples are bigger and brown and her female parts are swollen is this common?

about every 6 months or so

about 2

15.) why is my pug lethargic?
I don't know *snort* Could be the heat, could be sick, if it continues, the vet is needed *schnurf*

16.) Out 8 month old pug is in her first heat, how long does that usually last?
about a month for the total cycle *snort* check the wiki for details

17.) My Pug Is one year old and she hasnt want in to heat yet is she ok
She probably is *snort* if you are truly concerned, or she shows other signs of sickness than a trip to the vet is needed. Most likely she had a heat and it was just very subtle *snort* It could be hyperthroidism or diabetes too....*snort* wait a few months and see if she comes into heat and take her to the vet if she doesn't, if you don't want to take her now!

18.) my 7th month old pug is this normal at 7 months?
yes it is completely normal *snort*

19.) Question Why does my pug puke foam when she gets to excited or hot
sounds ike she is not getting enough food *snort* mayeb up her food a bit. and more water in heat. *snort* if it continues, go to the vet please!

20.) How long on average does a pug's heat last?
about 14 days, but it could last 7 or 28...see wiki

21.) Hi, I have 2 female pugs that came in heat at the same time,and My friend has the male stud. Now,I'm wondering if, will the male have enough sperm to do them both or will he do them both or do I need to find another male pug?
With top quality food and good health, your dog may be breed with both dogs. One a day for a week. Although this lessens the chance of both dogs getting pregnant. A stud can usually be bred once a day for a week with out a reduction in sperm count. You can also use artificail insemination instead of natural studding for a more accurate chance.

22.) How old should a pug be before getting pregnant?
I always say 2 years, so there is a chance for any problems or health issues to arise. Also breeding causes your pug to stop mmaturing. But the second heat sycle is okay if you are in a hurry.

23.) QuestionWhat age do pugs go into heat
Around 4-8 months...6 month is average...

24.) how long does heat last for a pug
pug’s heat cycle usually lats 21 to 24 days, but may last up to one month. The warmer the climate, the longer a heat cycle usually lasts. Your female pug may bleed that entire time or off and on.


26.) Should my mommy feed me more? All they leave out for me is dry puppy food and I am 6 weeks pregnant. What should they feed me? Also, I've been getting into cat that bad, cuz I really like it.
I love cat food too, as long as you eat your food too, it is not bad! *snort* If you stop eating your dry dog food, your mommy should substitue oatmeal, cooked barley, brown rice or wheat cereal. At 6 weeks, a small amount of meat or chicken can be fed as well! You have about two weeks left! good luck!

27.) Question my pug is in heat and bleeding just like she is on her period how long will this las?
anywhere from a week to a 30 days, although the bleeding will not be constant!

28.) what should you do when dogs go into heat
Seperate fromm male dogs. Diapers work well to stop the mess on your couch *snort* make sure she hhas plenty of water.

29.) my pug is a year and a bit. the last few weeks have been pretty hot. for the last week or so shes been lethargic but will still play, still eat and drink and still goes to the bathroom, whats wrong with her?
The heat could be effecting her, but as long as she still eats and drinks, she is probably okay. Buy an extra fan for the floor just for her *snort*

30.) my pug is in heat and bleading how long should i let her wait before i breed her she is 2 years old
SHe will allow the male to breed starting about teh second week the 9th, 11th, 13th, and 15th day....You can try more than once.

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